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CREATORS SPOTLIGHT : Introducing FaeyFaeyy from Colored Online Radio

Olaide Kayode Tmileyin | 6:45pm

 At the end of the pandemic’s first wave, the Nigerian queer creative space experienced a burst of diversity in content production, where more queer identifying creatives create queer narrating contents in every form. Exploring forms like Vlogging on Youtube, Podcasting, Writing, Photography, Fashion, Instagram Influencing, microblogging, and Music, etc. With a not so unfamiliar voice, the Nigerian queer twitter sphere have been enjoying the closest we can get to having our own radio station.

I spoke with 25 years old Oghenefejiro Adjerhore

popularly known on the Queer twitter spaces as Faeyfaeyy or Faeyrea godbaby, the host of Nigeria’s Colored  online Radio. Faey described the niche of what he does using the Twitter audio features as “Queer radio”, the host of the 10 episodes Q- Reflection podcasts, who in recent times also hosts “High as Fuck” podcast with his best friend, Mitini. Faey describes himself as “Eccentric” because “I like to tread the paths that many shy away from or are too afraid to walk”.

Speaking about the “High as fuck” podcast,

Faey calls the podcast “a feel-good podcast where we banter and share hilarious takes on trending Twitter gist”. The serial Audiophile and Voice Over artiste described the how personal the work at the Colored Online Radio is to him, he said “Realizing that I didn’t have an existing audience made me see a need to narrow my focus and choose a content niche I could own. In this case, my content focuses on using a radio format to appeal to queer people and their choices regardless of their taste and preferences in entertainment”.

The Colored Online Radio

Came into the queer twitter space with this tweet by Faey on twitter, where he allowed his imagination fly high and wide.

Imagine we had an LGBT radio. To help your imagination I played with a little something @Blaise_21 @kito_diaries @AdaezeFeyisayo @alaafinofEko @THETemmieOvwasa @Dgod_Zeus @Dennis_Macaulay @JamesLantern2 @vicw0nder @cabrini_divo @raldieyoung

Originally tweeted by Faeyrea godbaby (@faeyfaeyy) on February 4, 2021.

Faey who understands how the Nigerian creative industry works, the amount of homophobia in there, and Nigeria at large, claimed not to have experienced any backlash yet, but is hoping if it would ever happen, it should with the barest stress. Production of queer contents in Nigeria can be tasking as “access to quality recording equipment is a huge challenge. The right studio equipment such as microphones, mixers laptops, and a soundproof space for recording does not come cheap. At this point, I have to resort to tedious and time-consuming methods to produce content. Having other people join in presenting, content creating, and producing would be wonderful and allow Coloured TV to be more consistent. All of these problems have one major solution, funding” he said.

Imagine we (Nigerians) had an LGBT radio. To help your imagination..


Spilling the Tea,

Faey Faey said “in the weeks that will follow, I’ll start an Online WhatsApp Radio. (You’re hearing this first) and in the coming months, I hope to launch an online radio proper that would transmit uninterrupted”.

Investors, and partners willing to work with Faey to acheive this feat of an uninterrupted, online, queer radio could reach out to him via his socials. (@faeyfaeyy) or by sending an email to

You could check out other works by Faey via instagram (@faeyfaey)

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