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National Security Raids LGBT Ghanaians safe house

By OKTimileyin | 24.02.2021

The Ghanaian LGBT community in the past few weeks have been the victims of organized and targeted homophobia in the country, as each day comes by since the organization (LGBT rights Ghana) launched it’s safe space for Queer people in Accra, Ghana on the 31st of January 2021. It all started after pictures of the event was uploaded on the internet by LGBT Rights Ghana and the presence of the European Union, and Australian High commission was appreciated.

Homophobic lawyers like Moses Foh Amoaning keep crusading for the closure of the safe space, and it’s been a tough one for the queer community in Ghana. The country’s Catholic Church also express it distaste in the new community centre through it’s call for closure of the community centre.

According to LGBT Ghana’s most recent post on instagram, Ghana’s Traditional leaders visited the premises few day ago threatening to burn down the safe space, and sadly, the police won’t help save the space nor it’s queer inhabitants.

On Wednesday the 24th of February 2021, at around 11:13am , pictures and a video surfaced on LGBT rights Ghana twitter page with the caption

Yes! Our safe space has been raided by the police. We are all safe at the moment. It’s time to fight. #SayNoToDiscrimination#saynotohomophobia#Wewillgetthroughthis#TogetherWeBuild

images from twitter (@Lgbtrightsghana)

The above picture shows men who are from the national security inside the safe space, and the picture seem to taken from an higher altitude, looking like it’s taken from a roof level.

Another picture from LGBT Rights Ghana’s twitter also show Security vehicles on the street of the safe house, Queer Ghanaians are currently unsafe, and the international community still seem to be silent about it.

You can lend a voice to this inhuman treatment the Ghanaian Queer community is experiencing by speaking about this violation of their fundamental human rights on your social media, write to your local government official challenging them to lend a voice to this injustice, donate to LGBT rights Ghana GoFund me.

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