Creators spotlight

Godwin Harrison and Broken Rainbow

Godwin Harrison (Writer/Director/producer) A graduate of chemical engineering. In the year 2008-2009 he a freelance script writer to some asabawood producers. In 2015, he produced/directed his first featured length film “the last days”.  A faith based film.   His movies have always talked  about societal activism.    He is the CEO of HUG MEDIA CONCEPT; An independent production house focus on making societal change using the media. His recent short film ” broken Rainbow” just won 2 international awards for best international short film of 2021.

SUMMARY OF BROKEN RAINBOW:  Broken Rainbow tells the story of three rainbow friends ( TETEH, TERFA AND DIWI) who have undergone humiliation by their families because of their sexuality.
   The film gains momentum when DIWI set up video leaked online and his family came to know of his sexuality. Unable to bear the societal and family discrimination he committed suicide.
   TERFA (a drag artiste) comes out to his family and was kicked out of his family.
   TETEH was forced by his mother to undergo Deliverance for his sexuality (conversion therapy). Unable to cope he had to move out of his family house and move in with his lover KEM.
 KEM is a homophobic gay man who hates himself and his kind for no just cause.
    At the end, Teteh after contracting the AIDS virus from Kem had to live for his happiness alone. He paid for his mothers breast surgery after the church abandons her and there she knew that….A broken rainbow no matter how many times you try to break it, you still will not stop its shine.

Broken rainbow won best international short film -:1) malmo international LGBTQ short film festival
2) Melbourne LGBTQ short film festival
Official selection @ best of the best lgbtq short film/ houston lgbtq short film festival/ bite size short film festival