Summer Beach Community Cook Out

December 2022

Join Us this Summer in Lagos, We’re Outside!

  For a Cook-Out this summer at a Private Beach.  

  • Sizzling n Grilling
  •  Rave,
  • Community,
  • Booze  
  • Volleyball,
  • Jenga, and Colors
  •  Hoochie daddy shorts,
  • Bikinis,
  • Body,
  • Games, and a lot more

To Register

  Send a WhatsApp message to register. Admission is VERY Limited! ( A very small crowd ).  
This is a BYOB, BYOF event.  A Cook-It-Yourself grill will be provided.  #lagoscookout #Lagosaugustcookout #lagossummercookout
Community Talks Events

Fragile; An insight into sexuality and expression in modern and contemporary art in Lagos

Panel Discussion

December 2022

Date: Wednesday, 22nd of June 2022

James Nottin (Performance artist) 
Rachel Seidu (Photographer)
 Temmie Ovwasa ( Celebrity Visual Artist and Performer)

O.K.Timileyin ( Host )

Time: 2:00pm
Venue: Art 21
Community Talks Events

Understanding Socio-political policies for effective minority representation and activism in West Africa

Panel Discussion

December 2022

Date: Thursday 23rd of June 2022.

Time: 12:00 pm – 03:00 pm


@nkwainhamlet199 Nkwain Hamlet ( Our wellbeing Cameroun)
@Kayode_ani Kayode Ani ( Quest9ja) and
@peterjob Peter Job ( Independent Journalist)
Host: Olaide Kayode Timileyin (@oktimileyin)
Community Talks Events

Inclusive and Intersectional Feminism; What it means and Why it matters now

Panel Discussion

December 2022

Date: Tuesday 21st of June 2022.

Time: 12:00pm – 03:00pm

with Remi Makinde @TIERsNigeria,
Ayodele Olofintuade ( @aeolofintuade ),
and Ella Ette ( @MystiqueEvolved )

🎙️Host: Adunni Tiwatope @Folayemijnr

Events Press release PRIDE Upcoming


Lagos, Nigeria/ West Africa – Thursday, June 02, 2022

Queercity Media and Productions – The parent organization of the renowned Queercity Podcast and Pride in Lagos, West Africa’s destination pride event has announced the official lineup for our 2022 Pride in Lagos Festival, “Pride In Lagos” slated for June 20th to 26th 2022 is a Hybrid event. Pride in Lagos is a one-week-long event, originally known as GLOW UP Pride. Pride this year has been themed for the cause of growth and to further our goal as a collective, to continue to reclaim indigenous Queer representation and further societal acceptance for sexual minorities and gender diverse persons in West Africa.

What is Pride when we are trying not to die? Pride is the hands we all hold in unison, for the hope we may live this life through various times, that which runs from Nigeria to Ghana, to Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, etc uplifting LGBT+ persons across West Africa from the economic capital of the region, Lagos, Nigeria. Organizing an event of this size with a tight timeline, scheduling conflicts, an ever-changing and unfavorable socio-political atmosphere, lack of access to funding, Covid-19 Travel protocols, and increased costs has proven to be quite the challenge has indeed been challenging. But we are so excited to finally announce our line-up and festival plans as this event was designed to capture the wholesome Queer African experience in both the mainstream scene and grassroots while celebrating our resilience as a community.

This event brings International businesses, local businesses, NGOs, vendors, creatives, entertainers, and citizens together in a whole new way and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

O.K.Timileyin ( Organizer Pride in Lagos)

Pride In Lagos is the first of its kind in terms of reach, registrations, impact, and size! We get at numerous numbers of registrations daily; This festival after an overarching theme of “Living Lives of Hope” aimed at celebrating Queer resilience, activism, love, friendship, and movement building, on the west African soils in the past year, our local drag queens, and local non-conforming entertainers, writers, photographers etc. Over 40% of the festival programming are virtual, and the remaining 60% would span from end of the mainland to the islands of Lagos, ending at the open mic/pride party with Lagos own Urban artist! Pride In Lagos is pleased to welcome on its Festival Stage Temmie Ovwasa as the Headlining performer on the 26th of June 2022. while the dance pavilion host various activities like Dragherthon, Pride In Lagos Ball, etc.

Design By Roberto smoke

“Pride is for everyone!” and Pride in Lagos would further amplify this through various activities tailored to capture the wholesome and chaotic West African LGBT+ experience, the highs and low, fears and joys. We opened our door to partnerships with numerous local and international acts and organizations this year to expand the scope of our program, And Our Pride Grand Marshalls for 2022 are Aja Kween from Rupaul Dragrace, Rupaul Dragrace All Stars, and Legendaray season 3 Nigeria’s very own Bisi Alimi who has appeared on many international television stations, including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, CCTV, and outlets like NPR and the Washington Post have profiled him.

Queercity media Board of Directors will implement the same registration and admission requirements for all Pride In Lagos events. Festival attendees will need to show proof of registration and admission and a negative COVID-19 test dated within 72 hours of entrance time for foreigners attending the festival. The festival grounds will have hand sanitizer stations, suggest masks and social distancing whenever possible.

Design by OKTimileyin

This year, we are launching the Pride in Lagos 2022 anthology and report titled; tales of Hope and also Inaugurating the historical Shelle list in Partnership with The Nigerian LGBT+ Museum of Arts, celebrating key and impactful works and representation in the Nigerian LGBT scene, at home and diaspora. Thanks to our headlining media partner Grindr and Fatshionista Brand, and sponsors like the InterPride, Centre for Black Equity, Capitol Ballroom Council, Black Trans Travel org, Area Scatter Pan Africa, and other private individuals who have channeled different resources, Time, Talents and treasures to make Pride In Lagos happen.

For all festival information, entertainment lineup, Panel discussions, accommodations, and more, please visit

For more information, please contact at Xela

Lastly, I and Team Pride in Lagos say “Welcome to Lagos




Pride In Lagos

Sponsoring Partners

Supporting Partners

Local Partners

Media Partners

Events PRIDE Upcoming

Call For Anthology

Dear Writers/Poets,

Please write 1-4 pages about your Queer Resilience in the past year from June 2021 to April 2022. Such resilience could be your participation in a protest, your love, friendship, your chosen family, your house, your Twitter community, etc. Include your name or your pen name. Label your story as ” ‘Story” or “Poetry” Example: “Tyler’s Story”
Fill out this form and submit your entry before June 15th, 2022.
We’ll let you know if your submission has been selected or declined by June 18th, 2022.

Note that: This anthology would be Printed and Published in Collaboration with The Nigerian LGBTQ+ Museum of Arts

Theme: Tales of Hope ( An Anthology documenting NON-FICTION indigenous Queer Love/Activism/Friendship/Resilience essays and poetry reflecting the West African queer reality between June 2021 – April 2022 )

Submission Conditions
1. Will Not Accept Multiple Submissions
2. Accepts Unpublished Pieces Only
3. Accepts Simultaneous Submissions

Accepted Genres

Open till June 15th at 11:59 pm WAT.

For enquires, contact us.

Events PRIDE

Audition for DragHerThon

Hi Drags

Fill out this form and Make a one-minute video answering; Why you are auditioning for Dragherthon, and what it would feel like to be the winner of the first official Drag Competition in West Africa ? Upload it on Instagram using #PrideInLagos#DragherthonAudition before June 01, 2022.

Note that: The final stage of this event would be physical and you would be required to be in Lagos by the 26th of June, 2022.

Basic Requirements for the competition;

An active Instagram/TikTok account
A smartphone
A functional wardrobe ( Must Have Categories; Traditional Fit/ Nollywood 90s / Eko4Show Extravaganza)
Good access to the internet

Make Over kits (Sponsor: Beauty by Ten)
Gift Bag
Cash Prize
and a one-year production deal

For enquires, send an email to



Oluwaseyifunmi oluwatimilehin
Amara the lesbian
Godwin Harrison
Bola Yahaya
Raldie Young
Ola Hassim
Victor Emmanuel
Fejiro Faeyfaeyy Adjerhore
Press release PRIDE

Press Release – GLOW UP PRIDE 2.0

Olaide Kayode Timileyin | Convener, GlowUp Pride

Celebrating queerness and uniqueness is our satisfaction. We recognize our struggle for liberation as LGBTQ+ persons in Africa as a continent, and Nigeria as a nation.  With much pride and happiness that we celebrate GLOWUP pride 2021, with the theme “Festival of Nigerian Queerness. A festival of our resilience and taking up enough space for us to all to breathe. No One is Free, Until We All Are.

Pride is both a jubilant communal celebration of visibility and a personal celebration of self-worth and dignity. Our aim as a community media organization is to empower, sustain and document through our voices and strengths, the culture and lifestyle of West African LGBTQ+ persons back into our society to implement social change.

GLOWUP PRIDE 2021, is celebration queerness in our realities, survival, and resistance, putting it out there for the world to see. We would love you to join us as one, to tell stories of our success, be witness of others celebrating life as a queer person in queer light. We also hope to create a system of connection by getting to relate with each other. 

We assure you fun filled time well spent with us and every of our guest.   Due to the pandemic outbreak, covid-19 still very much out there and also considering the safety of the community , the celebration will be held on other virtual platform such as Instagram, Club houses and Zoom.  The celebration was held responsible consecutively on Saturday 26 of June and Sunday 27 June, 2021.

Pride required almost an all year-round planning cycle, working closely with our partners to achieve every feat through this event. We love that they stood in solidarity with what we do at Queercity Media and Productions, most especially with GLOW UP PRIDE.




Events Past

Queercity Podcast’s Fourth Season is here

Olaide Kayode Timileyin | 1:11pm

Since the inception of the Queercity podcast in 2018, we have steadily grown, from a bathroom midnight recorded one, to that over 50 episodes published on all major podcasting platforms across the universe. The podcast which has not just been an output of audio contents, but a place of community healing and resource. As a 2020 recipient of OUT IN TECH‘s five years website hosting program, we have sought to use that opportunity to create a free resource center which is our E-library, where we published books, comics, and an anthology by PRIDE TV.

In the last one year, we have partnered with quite a number of Queer and Ally led organizations on projects that fosters social acceptance and visibility of queer persons in Nigeria, and West Africa at large. Few of which includes Abuja Literary and Arts Festival 2020, IDAHOBIT (Breaking The Silence) with Bisi Alimi Foundation and The Future Africa Award’s 2020 Prize For Difference & Diversity.

In 2020, we ranked Number 18 in Naija Podhubs Top 50 Nigerian Podcasts with listeners from a total of 72 countries across the 7 continents of the world. In june 2020, we were able to provide queer people who were at the frontline of activities in the pandemic with bottles of Hand sanitizers, and we trained a total of 100 persons digital illustration, Graphics designing, and Podcasting.

As we rolling into 2021, We look forward to having Hotel Alabama the audio documentary being available freely on our website. The five episodes audio documentary is currently available for pay-for-play on EHTV network since July last year. Do check out our instagram and twitter for more info. Our magazine Qube is also undergoing rebranding and should also be available on prints for free if we are able to get enough financial support.

During the Pandemic, we envisaged The Shelle list , A list inspired by the indigenous Nigerian Street Queer Culture, “The Word “shelle” finds it root in one of the country’s spoken languages, Yoruba. Where the word “shelle” is coined out of  the phrase “se eleya”,  which means “to be mocked”. Over years, the Nigerian Queer community and the Africa Queer community have had to thrive under the shadows, with exceedingly amazing persons, and act. Surviving through the very grasps of being seen as a disgrace. the resilient power of the queer community” would be celebrated on this year’s Shelle list”.

With Spotify now available in Nigeria, one can now listen to Queercity podcast free of charge, simply by downloading the Spotify app. Available on android and iOS. The Fourth Season of the podcast which seeks to explore more silenced narrative of Queer Nigerians and West Africans, through Discussion, Interview and Storytelling would air it’s First episode by the 31’st of March, 2021 and would run into the month of pride. To Volunteer for our activities this year, contact us.

While we prepare ourselves for the big season, we implore you hit the subscribe button on your favourite podcast player, or you visit our website. To help us keep creating, you can use our donate button, or buy from our Merch store. For Sponsorship and Advertisements on this season, contact us.

Timeless Queer Defiance and it's consequences in Nigeria With Chude QueerCity

"Defiance comes with consequences and I am comfortable with it". He speaks about gay rights in the Nigerian churches, at conferences and anywhere. On this episode of the Queercity podcast, we would be experiencing what the reality of speaking for LGBT+ rights in Nigeria is for Nigeria's own Chude Jideonwo. Chude is known for his active amplification of minorities issues with his big show #WithChude, where he has also created space to help bring Queer persons' narratives safely to the mainstream media.  Chude speaks of how empathy could be an approach to fighting for the rights of sexual minorities, and to furtherly engaging violently oppressive systems. Behind the scenes packing and Bisi Alimi's appearance on “The Dawn” in 2004,  and the interview with Faraphina magazine Timeless Queer Defiance and its consequences in Nigeria with @chude Jideonwo Join the community by conversation via #Queercitypodcast #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter  Credit Executive Producer: Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions  Hosted and Produced by: Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTIMILEYIN  Guest: Chude Jideonwo Website: Upcoming event: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Timeless Queer Defiance and it's consequences in Nigeria With Chude
  2. Nigeria's Road To LGBTI+ Decriminalization with Azeenarh Mohammed
  3. Who killed 19 years old John in Lagos ?
  4. Getting Justice for Cameroonian Transwomen Shakira and Patricia amidst death threats with Hamlet.
  5. HIV stigmatization amongst Nigerian Gay men with Raldie Young