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“This Documentary seeks to bring to book the proper documentation of Rabina’s life, her life-long volunteering and activism, murder, and burial while also advocating for the future of Trans/Nonbinary Nigerians. We also seek to highlight in the subtheme the struggles of the West African Trans community”

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In a 2022 report by The Initiative for equal rights, women and gender non–conforming persons
account for the largest population of persons who go through conversion therapy in Nigeria, and also according to a poll by the Area Scatter Advocacy group in 2021, Transwomen who are sex workers are twice more likely to be violated on the streets of Nigeria as compared to other sex workers of other gender identities.

Iboju is the story of five Queer women living in Nigeria, first is a Cis-gendered femme bisexual
woman, another is a female trans-sex worker, the third, a non-binary, masc. presenting lesbian woman,
and the last are lesbian couples whose individual living experiences further the narrative of
intersectional representation, liberation and, the identity of the West African woman.

Hotel Alabama is a 5-episodes audio documentary series by the QueerNerd from QueerCity Podcast. It explores Teemoney’s Lagos Underground party scene, its people, agency, houses, and Legacies for the past 2 decades. 

Year of Production : 2020