1. Executive Summary

QueerCity Media and Productions’ policy on partnership outlines the principles and approaches that are agreed upon as fundamentals of QueerCitys’ programme partnership.

The policy aims to provide a common understanding of QueerCitys’ approach to partnerships in order to promote consistency and coherence in our work with partners.

The policy lays out seven core principles that underpin our spirit and values of partnership and that should be used to guide all programme partnerships. The policy makes reference to partnership principles, partnership approach, and partnership framework, it refers to QueerCitys’ programme partnerships. Also, the policy provides an overview of QueerCitys’ approach to partner Due Diligence assessments and a summary of our partnership framework and minimum standards for partnership framework and minimum standards for partnership, to inform and guide our partnerships in practice.

2. QueerCity Media and Productions Policy: Scope and Purpose

QueerCitys’ policy on partnership outlines the principles and approaches that are fundamental to our programme partnerships. This policy aims to provide a common understanding of QueerCitys’ approach and to promote consistency and coherence in our work.

The focus of this policy covers our relationships with programme partner organisations. Our programme partners include government ministries and departments, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local community organisations, collectives, and private sector companies.

The policy applies to:

  • project-level and strategic-level programme partnerships, which may or may not involve the provision of funding
  • One-to-one programme partnerships and more complex programme relationships such as alliances, coalitions, and consortia of partner organisations.

The policy does not apply to relationships with corporate partners, donors, international networks or private contractors. However, its principles may still provide useful guidance for managing these types of relationships.

The policy is relevant to all staff whose work has a connection to our programmes or to our programme partners. it should provide staff with guidance, direction, and a framework for negotiations when entering into a programme partnership. It should be shared openly with all programme partners from the outset of a relationship.

3. Partnership: Definition and purpose

QueerCity Media and Productions define partnership as a mutually beneficial and interactive relationship between us and other organizations, undertaken for a specific programme/project purpose that works towards a shared goal of positive and sustainable project impact.

We consider partnerships to be of fundamental importance in the way we work towards achieving our mission. The ultimate purpose of working in partnership is to increase the positive effects for our intended beneficiaries.

4. Partnership principles

QueerCity Media and Productions aims to develop relationships based on trust and respect, and will be guided by the following principles in its programme partnerships:

  • Shared goals and compatible values:

Our partners’ goals should align with ours and provide a clearly defined added value to achieving our mission. Our partners’ vision, values, and ways of working should be compatible with ours.

A shared commitment toward achieving agreed goals is essential for working together. However, this does not mean that all organizational goals must be shared. We seek a level of compatibility but accept that there may be some areas of difference in organisational goals or policies. As long as these do not represent a conflict of interest for the project or for the relationship, we and partner organisations can agree to differ.

  • Mutual accountability:

Our partners should be accountable to each other and also to other stakeholders (including donors and beneficiaries) for the partnership’s actions, its use of resources, and the delivery of the intended outputs, outcomes, and impact of the programme.

The mutual rights and obligations between QueerCity, the partner organization, and the programme beneficiaries must be established and formally agreed upon at the outset of a relationship. Although accountability processes traditionally focus on funding and financial controls, QueerCity also acknowledges the need to value and be accountable for the use of other resources such as information, contacts, skills, experience, local knowledge, materials, and equipment.

  • Openness and understanding:

The partnership should foster an open and participatory dialogue, with an emphasis on consultation and sharing of information from the earliest stages of the partnership. Partners should be able to discuss their concerns openly and without fear that it may affect the flow of funding.

  • Joint learning and Mutual support:

In partnership, we must be committed to learning from our partnership actions, its successes, and its mistakes. QueerCity and partner organizations should provide the necessary time, space, and environment to facilitate formal and informal learning, and to ensure that all parties act upon lessons learned. QueerCity recognizes that learning is a crucial element in any successful partnership and all partner organizations need to work together to create a mutually beneficial learning environment and take the time to reflect on their own practices, share their experiences openly, and act upon any learnings that emerge.

  • Respect

All partners have a right to be at the table and must have mutual respect for all other members of the partnership, irrespective of the size or power of any individual partner. The partnership should not be dominated by any one organization and all partners should expect to be treated fairly. Queercity and partner organizations must respect each other’s mandates, obligations, principles, and independence. Partners should be aware of the power of dynamics within the relationship (for example, with regard to control of resources). but must work to ensure this does not become a form of control. Partners need to have confidence that the partnership will not be dominated by any one organization, and that everyone’s voice will be heard.

  • Integrity:

QueerCity and partners should conduct all business and professional matters of the partnership and programme with honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity while remaining fair and ethical in the most difficult situations. Both QueerCity and its partners have an ethical obligation to each other to accomplish their tasks with integrity and in a responsible and appropriate manner.

5. QueerCity Media and Productions’ approach to partnership

  • Working with partners: At QueerCity, we work with partners (not through them). Working with partners as stated means collaboration to achieve shared goals, contributing more than just financial inputs, valuing and respecting partner approaches, opinions, and creativity; and supporting capacity development and working towards sustainability.
  • Wider collaboration: At QueerCity, we are committed to developing relationships where partner organisations and collaborate beyond the immediate work of the programme, both formally and informally. This might include cooperating on advocacy activities or working together to build or strengthen alliances and networks.
  • Due diligence: At QueerCity, we are committed to ensuring that we choose the right partners to work with and that we understand every partner’s organization’s strengths and weaknesses and the implications thereof for program design and management. Before entering into a formal partnership, we carry out Due Diligent exercises with each potential partner, to assess the organization’s structure and governance, key capacities, and reputation. This is to ensure that we have a full and complete picture of the organization.
  • Sustainable outcomes and impact: QueerCity seeks to achieve sustainable project outcomes and impact. We work with partners to develop strategies for lasting change, whereby partners are enabled to take over the provision or lasting change, whereby partners are enabled to take over the provision or mobilization of resources necessary to continue key project activities when Sightsavers’ funding ceases at the end of the project lifespan. This exit planning is incorporated into all projects from the outset and is clearly articulated in the project documentation.

6. Media and Events

  • Admission Protocols: Queercity Media and Productions and partners for all of our events follow strictly the selection mix which has been specifically designed to cater to the local community and allows maximum safety.
  • Security: Due to the social-political atmosphere, Queercity media and Production takes to keen, the safety and security of everyone who is involved with our work. Hence, we are quick to dissolve any form of partnership or engagement that may pose any form of security threat to our programs and their beneficiaries.
  • Media coverage and external camera usage: Queercity events are open attendance, and only works with accredited Journalists, Documentarians, Content creators, and other creatives who have been selected and permitted to take footage of our programs and events. Anyone else who is interested in taking any form of footage of any of our programs and events for any form of external productions, archives, or other external use should visit our Licensing and Sales Department.
  • Media Rights: Queercity Media and Productions have all rights reserved over all our productions, events, and programs, and any form of infringement would be properly addressed.