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Pride in Lagos – 2022


Lagos, Nigeria/ West Africa – Thursday, June 02, 2022 Queercity Media and Productions – The parent organization of the renowned Queercity Podcast and Pride in Lagos, West Africa’s destination pride event has announced the official lineup for our 2022 Pride in Lagos Festival, “Pride In Lagos” slated for June 20th to 26th 2022 is a Hybrid event. Pride…


GLOW UP PRIDE 2.0 – 2021

Celebrating queerness and uniqueness is our satisfaction. We recognize our struggle for liberation as LGBTQ+ persons in Africa as a continent, and Nigeria as a nation.  With much pride and happiness that we celebrate GLOWUP pride 2021, with the theme “Festival of Nigerian Queerness. A festival of our resilience and taking up enough space for us to all to breathe. No One is Free, Until We All Are.

GLOW UP PRIDE 1.0 – 2020

An actual pride event in Nigeria would have been thought impossible, a few years ago, after a tweep mentioned it has a possibility, the Nigerian LGBT community had an uproar and a division, some folx believed it was a suicidal mission, and others felt we could. Suggestions to create a balance like wearing a mask to protect people’s identity were made. Pride month across the universe is a month that is all about gays, lesbians, and every other identity and expression in the LGBT community. Parades that are usually had in every geographical location of the world, where being queer is not criminalized are canceled this year, thanks to the coronavirus, which created the need for a new exploration of new ideas.