Pride In Lagos 2022

20TH – 26TH OF JUNE 2022

Theme: Living Lives of Hope

Celebrating Queer Resilience in West Africa

  • Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd of June, 2022

    Panel Discussion

    Inclusive and Intersectional Feminism; What it means and Why it matters now
    Fragile; An insight into sexuality and expression in modern and contemporary art in Lagos
    Understanding Socio-political policies for effective minority representation and activism in West Africa
  • Friday, 24th of June 2022


    Photo by Alexandra Obochi

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  • Sunday, 26th of June, 2022

    Gaymers Lounge / Live Performances

  • Pride In Lagos Ball/Closing Party

    Graphics by Saint Doyin
    Pride In Lagos 2022

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    Lagos, Nigeria/ West Africa – Thursday, June 02, 2022 Queercity Media and Productions – The parent organization of the renowned Queercity Podcast and Pride in Lagos, West Africa’s destination pride event has announced the official lineup for our 2022 Pride in Lagos Festival, “Pride In Lagos” slated for June 20th to 26th 2022 is a Hybrid event. Pride […]

    Timeless Queer Defiance and it's consequences in Nigeria With Chude QueerCity

    "Defiance comes with consequences and I am comfortable with it". He speaks about gay rights in the Nigerian churches, at conferences and anywhere. On this episode of the Queercity podcast, we would be experiencing what the reality of speaking for LGBT+ rights in Nigeria is for Nigeria's own Chude Jideonwo. Chude is known for his active amplification of minorities issues with his big show #WithChude, where he has also created space to help bring Queer persons' narratives safely to the mainstream media.  Chude speaks of how empathy could be an approach to fighting for the rights of sexual minorities, and to furtherly engaging violently oppressive systems. Behind the scenes packing and Bisi Alimi's appearance on “The Dawn” in 2004,  and the interview with Faraphina magazine Timeless Queer Defiance and its consequences in Nigeria with @chude Jideonwo Join the community by conversation via #Queercitypodcast #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter  Credit Executive Producer: Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions  Hosted and Produced by: Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTIMILEYIN  Guest: Chude Jideonwo Website: Upcoming event: — Send in a voice message:
    1. Timeless Queer Defiance and it's consequences in Nigeria With Chude
    2. Nigeria's Road To LGBTI+ Decriminalization with Azeenarh Mohammed
    3. Who killed 19 years old John in Lagos ?
    4. Getting Justice for Cameroonian Transwomen Shakira and Patricia amidst death threats with Hamlet.
    5. HIV stigmatization amongst Nigerian Gay men with Raldie Young