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Press Release – GLOW UP PRIDE 2.0

Olaide Kayode Timileyin | Convener, GlowUp Pride

Celebrating queerness and uniqueness is our satisfaction. We recognize our struggle for liberation as LGBTQ+ persons in Africa as a continent, and Nigeria as a nation.  With much pride and happiness that we celebrate GLOWUP pride 2021, with the theme “Festival of Nigerian Queerness. A festival of our resilience and taking up enough space for us to all to breathe. No One is Free, Until We All Are.

Pride is both a jubilant communal celebration of visibility and a personal celebration of self-worth and dignity. Our aim as a community media organization is to empower, sustain and document through our voices and strengths, the culture and lifestyle of West African LGBTQ+ persons back into our society to implement social change.

GLOWUP PRIDE 2021, is celebration queerness in our realities, survival, and resistance, putting it out there for the world to see. We would love you to join us as one, to tell stories of our success, be witness of others celebrating life as a queer person in queer light. We also hope to create a system of connection by getting to relate with each other. 

We assure you fun filled time well spent with us and every of our guest.   Due to the pandemic outbreak, covid-19 still very much out there and also considering the safety of the community , the celebration will be held on other virtual platform such as Instagram, Club houses and Zoom.  The celebration was held responsible consecutively on Saturday 26 of June and Sunday 27 June, 2021.

Pride required almost an all year-round planning cycle, working closely with our partners to achieve every feat through this event. We love that they stood in solidarity with what we do at Queercity Media and Productions, most especially with GLOW UP PRIDE.




Past Press release PRIDE

Press Release – GLOW UP PRIDE 1.0

An actual pride event in Nigeria would have been thought impossible, few years ago, after a tweep mentioned it has a possibility, the Nigerian LGBT community had an uproar and a division, some folx believed it’s a suicidal mission, others felt we can. Suggestions to create a balance like, wearing a mask to protect people’s identity were made. Pride month across the universe is a month that is all about the gays, lesbians and every other identity and expression in the LGBT community. Parades that are usually had in every geographical locations of the world, where being queer is not criminalized are cancelled this year, and thanks to the corona virus, which created the need for new exploration of new ideas.

Glow Up pride 2020 was one of the mediums we sought to explore, a virtual pride. At the beginning of the pandemic, human contacts were the first to be avoided, that is ; self isolation, which caused every form of gathering to be cancelled, every form of basic life interactions were taken digital, and companies like Zoom, Facebook, HouseParty, etc created platforms for people to meet in large numbers virtually, thereby no exposing anyone to the virus. By April we started planning for one of such meetings, since the SSMPA is against physical gathering, we could take our meetings somewhere new, “the Virtual earth”. The two hours event was held on zoom, and we had 9 awesome performances , starting off with Borax, and ending with Gyre. Videos are on our IGTV