The Shelle List

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Who is shelle ?  “Shelle” is a slang amongst the grassroot community of Nigeria, which simply means effeminate or extra. The Word “shelle” finds it root in one of the country’s spoken languages, Yoruba. Where the word “shelle” is coined out of   phrase “se eleya”,  which means to be mocked. Over years, the Nigerian Queer community and the Africa Queer community have had to thrive under the shadows, with exceedingly amazing persons, and acts. Surviving through the very grasps of being seen as a disgrace, the resilient power of the queer community made the Nigerian  community not just turned being shamed to glory, but empowering itself with the same weapon it’s oppressor used on it. In as much as the world say “seleya” has thorns in it, the community keeps asking, does “shelle” scare you ?



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