QueerCity podcast is Nigeria’s first, weekly LGBT lifestyle podcast.



 Queercity media and productions is a Nigerian community based media organization, with the sole mission of producing stories and documenting times of Queer Lives in West Africa. Otherwise known as Queercity, employs the art of storytelling through various easily consumable media like posters, graphics, slides, podcasts, films, documentaries, audio-docu-series etc. Kicked off operations in 2018 as a podcast, in our first three years of existence, we have been able to hit major historic mile stones with our productions and events. Few of which includes our first event ever “Bodies Around Olumo  Abeokuta ’19” which is Nigeria’s first openly LGBT open mic event, and Nigeria’s first openly Queer creatives event. Queercity which was founded by Olaide Kayode Timileyin in Lagos, Nigeria on the 6th of April, 2018 has not just grown from a being a podcast, Queercity is a now an Household name in Nigerian Creatives/activism spheres, as it’s past volunteers are now doing very well in their new spaces.


  • Storytelling through various easily consumable media like Posters, Graphics, Slides, Podcasts, Films, Documentaries, Audio-docu-series etc.
  • Archiving
  • Public Viewing through partnerships
  • Trainings
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Events

Queercity Podcast is a Nigerian community based media and production organization that is focused on producing and documenting West African queer narratives through media, events, archives, digital advocacy amongst others which emerged in April 2018, following the need for more representation in the Nigeria media sphere. .

The podcast, which rose to be the most widespread Nigerian LGBT podcast, is available on over 30 podcasting platforms including Apple and Google podcasts, among others.

Nigeria's Road To LGBTI+ Decriminalization with Azeenarh Mohammed QueerCity

7th, January 2014 the SAME SEX MARRIAGE PROHIBITION ACT WAS SIGNED. 7 years Later after the SSMPA, are we on "Nigeria's road to LGBTI+ decriminalization" This conversation with Azeenarh Muhammed is to initiate us all to a space that questions, where we are with our activism? through the lens of "How, did we arrive here, and what is the state of our movement. Join the community by conversation via #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter Credit Executive Producer : Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions Hosted and Produced by : Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTIMILEYIN Guest : Azeenarh Muhammad (@Xeenarh) Narration :@transgendergirlfriend Soundtracks by Planet-Purple Music : Fire! Fire!! In our country by Daddy Showkey Voice of Goodluck Ebere Jonathan on the SSMPA (Oxford Union Youtube) — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/queercity/message
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