Podcast Episodes Season 2


Lets Kiki, gaQuite a number of people are in Nigeria are living their true identity despite the Nigerian anti-gay law of up to 14 years imprisonment. Of these thread of persons are Peter Kass, Pamela Adie, Emmanuella — and until lately, Bobrisky came out as Nigeria’s first trans woman. Wow! A crossdresser or a trans woman? What should Miss Sahhara say, didn’t she come out as trans, is Veso Oke fake? On this episode Queernerd talks about how true Bobrisky is, and who is Nigeria’s first celebrity transwoman. Is there even a transwoman in Nigeria?  Bobrisky and the Nigeria LGBT community? Bob’s safe-house for Trans people. Join the discussion. Link below. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcast, and every other place you get your podcasts.

Nigeria’s first LGBTIQ LIFESTYLE podcast……….we’re queer here, we’re LGBT here: AnchorFM.

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